Sunday, February 10, 2008

George King Is Senile

This probably seems like a statement reeking of the sarcasm, self-righteousness and relentlessness which makes bloggers great. However, this is not a poor attempt at humor as King's most recent column in the New York Post genuinely warrants such pondering.
Permeating an article with the idea that the Yankees will struggle to make the postseason next year is not unfair. It's not outlandish or out of the question. A ballclub whose 2008 rotation potentially houses three inexperienced kids 22 years old or younger spurs several question marks, making it altogether possible that the Yankees spend October playing golf. Attacking the integrity of such an unpredictable starting staff is fair game and easy.
However, leading your article with the idea that the Yankees would be better off without Alex Rodriguez for this season and the forseeable future quickly turns me for a loop. The second paragraph goes on to contend the Yankees should have also showed the door to Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Bobby Abreu.
They should have let Rodriguez dance out of The Bronx, thanked Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera for wonderful careers and sent Bobby Abreu away.
Wait... nope. Ashton Kutcher is still making terrible romantic comedies and hasn't rehashed Punk'D in newspaper form.. I checked. This raises the question of who becomes the Yankees starting catcher in Posada's stead, because I know King isn't demented enough to volunteer Jose Molina. Is he? Dropping you closer and starting rightfielder - also without a current and viable replacement - is equally odd strategy.
Then there's this:

If Chamberlain is in the rotation, Kennedy starts the season at Triple-A. If he is as good as the Yankees believe, he must be in the big leagues.

Let's get this straight, George. Should Joba Chamberlain pitch in the rotation [very likely for only a half season], Ian Kennedy is somehow relegated to AAA-Scranton? This is an interesting equation King is working with. Who's to say Mike Mussina will outperform Kennedy this Spring? Who's to say Mussina's 2007 season is merely a preview of what's to come in 2008?
It is very possible the Yankees start Chamberlain in the pen for the first half, move him into the rotation mid-July. Consequently, Kennedy could pitch the entire season as a starter with Mussina taking on the long reliever role should Chamberlain eventually push someone out of the rotation.
Finally, there is King's revelatory conclusion:

There was nothing wrong with Andy Phillips and Doug Mientkiewicz, but the Yankees got rid of them. How long before Rodriguez complains about not having a glove guy saving him errors?

You don't have to go out on a limb to suggest King is an A-Rod detractor. Maybe Rodriguez snubbed him for an interview or is making too much money. Whatever the case, Dougy Mink tricked the columnist into thinking he could hit and Andy Phillips confused King into thinking he was more than just the kindest AAAA player to man first base for the Yankees.
As an aspiring journalist, it's difficult not to cringe after reading such lazy, unsubstantiated dribble. The confusion is compounded when you realize the column came from a guy baseball insiders incorrectly consistently include amongst the most well-sourced writers in the sport.

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