Friday, February 8, 2008

Its Still Yankee Stadium [Sort Of]

Derek Jeter and the interlocking NY aren't the only Yankees traditions making the switch from the old stadium to the new one. According to, the new home of the Bronx Bombers will maintain its title as THE Yankee Stadium, refusing to relent to "Progressive" name changes like the one seen in Cleveland.

Lonn Trust put it best:

"You don't re-name the White House or the Grand Canyon," Lonn Trost said Thursday, acknowledging $50 million isn't just a ballpark figure. Moreover, the Yankees COO said the construction cost will exceed the announced $830 million by a half billion. In the name of tradition, the successor to The House That Ruth Built and John Lindsay refurbished will cost $1.3 billion to build.

The cost is for the Yankees to calculate, meet and privately lament. "We'll make it up some way," said Trost. Their public won't care about that anymore come 2009, when the gates open for the first time, than it cared about Derek Jeter's salary the night he sailed into the boxes in '04. The name of the park does matter, though.

The article also reports that the "the [new] field dimensions will be identical to the existing stadium."

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