Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knobby The Dramedy

After skimming through the Chuck Knoblauch deposition, I came across two enlightening passages which you guys might find interesting. The entire transcript is over 50 pages in length and throughout it Knoblauch seems genuine, remorseful and honest.

Interestingly enough, Knoblauch said he decided to use HGH in hopes of solving his infield throwing problems. According to him, the HGH use had nothing to do with getting jacked or hitting homeruns. He hoped to feel better mentally and HGH was described to Knoblauch as a way to stop the aging process and was "not a steroid." He believed it's effects could help him defeat his psychological demons and boost his confidence.

The first excerpt's context references Knoblauch's throwing mental breakdown in which he became incapable of consistently throwing the ball to first base and instead often times launched it into the 10th row of Yankee Stadium:
Q: I'm sorry, I just don't remember when the throwing problem started. I remember, I just can't -- A Well, Yankee fans will say it started when I first got there, but that's not really correct.
Knoblauch, a comedian? Who could have seen that coming - especially in the face of federal investigators. He's probably right though.

Then came the dramatic side. Knoblauch interrupted investigators because he felt compelled to explain why he felt it was important to come forward and offer his knowledge on the PED problem in baseball. Admittedly, I have never been that big of a Knoblauch fan - I loved hated his fake throw in the Metrodome which deked Lonnie Smith - but it's hard not to feel compelled when he talks about his child:
And let me add this, and hopefully you won't get mad at me for adding what I want to add, but it is a little bit more about my story. And I appreciate what you guys are doing. I really do.

You know, my son was here, my son was here today. And I am trying not to get emotional about this, but I mean, I am trying to teach him a lesson that you need to do things in life that you are going to be willing to talk about openly and to tell the truth.

I am here today on my own to cooperate with you guys, to tell the truth; and that is why I brought him. We were on vacation. But that is why I brought my family, to let him know. And he will be able to look back on this and read about this. That is the first thing I want to say.

The second thing, when I played, when I started in '91 -- I am a little emotional about that, I am sorry, I am sorry. My life has obviously changed since I played baseball. I am a father now, so a lot of things mean different things to me now.
Throughout the report, Knoblauch depicted himself as a loner who never heard anything about Roger Clemens or Andy Pettitte using PEDs. Before the 2002 season began, his father died and afterward Knoblauch said he "should have retired" because he basically gave up on baseball. Repeatedly, Knoblauch said the HGH "didn't work" over the course of his usage - less than two seasons all told.

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NickySIU said...

good stuff, even tho I don't like Knoblauch he def comes offer better then I thought. I think Pettitte will be fine in a month