Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Picks

As a movie junkie, I figured I'd throw out my selections of worthy winners for Sunday's Academy Awards. I haven't seen every movie this year, but I caught most of them. There Will Be Blood was a deliberate, long epic, but Daniel Day-Lewis puts forth such an incredible performance the film itself is lifted.

Gone Baby Gone
was an excellent film which will keep you talking about it for another 20 minutes after the credits roll. Casey Affleck shows great versatility and his brother's direction is just as surprising. Michael Clayton is an intelligent political thriller that reminded me a bit of The Parallax View - possibly the greatest poli-thriller of all time.

Juno is clever, quirky and hilarious. No Country For Old Men is a great experience for the first hour and then becomes prodding, pretentious and obsessed with itself. I am a fan of the Cohen Bros, but what exactly they were thinking during the final 45 minutes of the film is a mystery to me.

Charlie Wilson's War proves the unparalleled writing talents of Aaron Sorkin, the architect of The West Wing and films like A Few Good Men. Tom Hanks embraces an unusual role for himself and Phillip Seymour Hoffman steals every scene he's in. The dark humor is used expertly without clouding the message - which remains at the forefront of the film.

American Gangster was entertaining - if only to see two exceptional actors share the screen - but was way to lengthy and not as compelling as expected. The Assassination of Jesse James should win for best cinematography simply because every shot appears like a painter's canvas. Like Gangster, the film it way to drawn out and moody, but the spectacular photography and an excellent ending redeems its shortcomings.
Best Movies [I've Seen] Of The Year:
1) Gone Baby Gone
2) There Will Be Blood

3) Michael Clayton

4) Juno
5) Charlie Wilson's War
6) The Assassination of Jesse James...
7) No Country For Old Men

8) American Gangster

9) I Am Legend
Best Actor:
Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Actress:
Ellen Page
Supporting Actor:
Javier Bardem [PS Hoffman a close 2nd]
Supporting Actress:
Amy Ryan
Best Director:
PT Anderson
Best Cinematography:
The Assassination of Jesse James

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Anonymous said...

NCFOM was way to long and your right that it was unwatchible for the final hour