Monday, February 4, 2008

Sabathia Rumors Supplant Santana

Unfortunately for the strong corps of die-hard Cleveland fans, it appears as though they will now have the honor of being this month's version of the Twins fanbase - as they must deal with the prospect of losing a Cy Young winning lefthander to free agency because their franchise won't pony up the money to keep him.
According to several reports, Cleveland offered CC Sabathia a four year extension worth about $70 million on top of the $11.25 million he will make in 2008. A contract of $80+ million will not hold last year's AL Cy Young winner, particularly after witnessing Santana bank over $150 million last week.

Some locals address the Sabathia issue:

· Cleveland Plain Dealer says Indians need to up their offer to Sabathia.

· The Akron Beacon Journal ponders
whether or not Sabathia will stick around.

· The Chicago Tribune believes the Johan Santana deal
puts Sabathia's future on deck.

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