Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wang: Yankees Say 'Not Now'

Newsday cites Chien-Ming Wang who said the Yankees told him now is "not the time" for a longterm contract for the sinkerball specialist. Although Wang said "I want to" complete a multiyear deal, the Yankees are showing a clear reluctance to lock up young pitchers for an extended period of time.

This approach makes sense because the Yankees can control Wang's cost. However, it's also tough love as the Taiwan product probably deserves similar compensation that Robinson Cano recently received. From Newsday:
Newsday first reported in December that Wang's camp was interested in a long-term contract, but yesterday marked Wang's first words on the matter. The Yankees didn't share the desire to sign Wang long-term, even though the righthander has won 38 games in the past two seasons. General manager Brian Cashman did not return a phone call, but told Newsday recently, "Not at this time," when asked about possibly signing Wang long-term.

Wang echoed Cashman's words, saying the Yankees told him it was "not the time."

This is the first time Wang is arbitration-eligible, and his agent, Alan Nero, said he expects to go to an arbitration hearing tomorrow.
Wang said he is OK with going to arbitration and OK with not. Someone close to Wang said the pitcher is disappointed that the Yankees would not entertain the idea of a long-term contract. The source said that the fact that the Yankees signed second baseman Cano to a contract worth at least $30 million and up to $57 million adds to Wang's disappointment at not receiving the same type offer.

One reason the Yankees told Wang they did not want to do a long-term deal now, he said, is: "Because pitchers [can find it] hard to stay healthy."
I'd say Wang has reason to be disappointed, though it speaks of his character that he has yet to complain about his situation and only offered his desire to secure his future with New York.

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