Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bonds & Fehr Belong Together

Barry Bonds is shocked he has yet to receive a contract offer, but - believe it or not - he's not the only one. Head of the MLBPA and overall arrogant shill, Donald Fehr believes an investigation is in order to reveal how such poetic justice oppression could bestow itself upon the honorable Bonds.

Less than two weeks before opening day, the 43-year-old home run king remains unsigned.

“He’s in playing shape right now. He just hasn’t hit off live pitching,” Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris, said Tuesday. “I’ve had conversations with Barry. It would probably take him about two weeks to get ready.”

Bonds was indicted in November on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice, charges stemming from 2003 grand jury testimony in which he denied knowingly using illegal performance-enhancing drugs. The seven-time NL MVP pleaded not guilty.

Tampa Bay acknowledged last month that it had internal discussions about the prospect of pursuing Bonds. St. Louis manager Tony La Russa had interest in Bonds but Cardinals management decided against opening talks.

Borris said Bonds was working out in the Los Angeles area. He wouldn’t comment on the status of any negotiations.

“He wants to play,” Borris said.

After speaking with the Los Angeles Angels during his annual tour of spring-training camps, union head Donald Fehr said his staff will examine possible collusion against Bonds and others.
Let us hope by collusion Fehr meant delusion. And by against "Bonds and others," he meant from "Bonds and others." Is there a psychiatrist in the house?

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