Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BoSox Vote To Boycott Japan Trip

UPDATE: "Mike Lowell has told The Boston Globe the team voted unanimously not to take the field for their final spring training game or to board the plane later Wednesday for Japan."

Remember a few weeks ago when Red Sox GM Theo Epstein called Mike Mussina a "bad apple" for complaining about an upcoming trip to play exhibitions in Japan. Epstein said his organization would make no such complaints. Well, according to ESPN, the Boston brigade has threatened to boycott their trip to the Rising Sun if their coaches are not paid $40,000 a piece. Pot, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Kettle:

The sense of international goodwill Major League Baseball was hoping to spread with the Boston Red Sox-Oakland Athletics trip to Japan has been threatened before the plane even leaves the tarmac.

At issue is whether the Red Sox coaches will be paid $40,000 each -- the same as each player will be getting -- for the Japan appearance, which includes two exhibition games as well as two games that will count in the standings.

According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox will hold a players-only meeting Wednesday morning about the situation. The players are prepared to respond to Major League Baseball with an ultimatum -- if the coaches aren't paid, the Red Sox players will not get on the plane to go to Japan, the Herald reported.

Ok, Theo, we'd like that apology written in Chowder on a Fenway Frank wrapper.


Anonymous said...

Get the facts straight before posting your weaseling comments

NickySIU said...

the facts are straight.. just because your a weaseling Red Sox fan who can't take da truthh

Bronx Liaison said...


Wow an anonymous commenter calling someone a weasel, how hypocritical of you.

And if you have a problem with these facts please contact ESPN, because they reported it, not me. Or maybe you could at least explain what facts you believe are incorrect.

Instead you come off as the only one making "weaseling" comments and having their facts mixed up.

MightyQuinn said...

I think he was referring to the fact that you either didn't understand why the Red Sox protested, or you were purposely misrepresenting the reasons. They weren't complaining at all, they were simply demanding that their coaches get the money that MLB promised to them.

Of course, those facts probably don't matter much to you. You probably saw that there was controversy over the trip and immediately thought it was something you could use to smear the team.

Look into the story a little bit bro. Almost everyone across baseball is commending them for sticking up for their coaches. ,I can understand how that would seem strange to a Yankees fan. You guys run your Hall of Fame coaches out of town.

Bronx Liaison said...


Go back and read the post. The only person I called out was Theo Epstein for being a total hypocrite - which he now is.

Tell me what I wrote that is at all inaccurate or smear your beloved Sox. I highlighted how Theo contradicted himself - see Lowell's and Ortiz's comments - considering he called Mussina a "bad apple" for expressing his desire NOT to go to Japan.

If you ever read this blog before, you would realize I rip the Yankees as much as the BoSox. If you don't like what you read here, go to a Boston blog and wave your pom-poms.

Bronx Liaison said...

oops, didn't realize "Mighty" was you Mike.. Can't keep with your aliases any more. What a sad sack you are