Monday, March 17, 2008

Hughes, Kennedy Audio Via WFAN

Kim Jones of WFAN and the YES Network spoke to two of Yankees young pitching triumvirate as both Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy joined her program last night. Did anyone else hear the caller who got through and told Jones she had "a great rack" before the startled radio host could dump out? That was pretty uncomfortable, huh.

As he always does, Phil expertly fielded questions about the added pressures of pitching in New York further amplified by the Yankees' refusal to part with the 21 year-old for Johan Santana. Hughes has been consistent in expressing no one can cause more pressure than himself. As odd as the "rack caller" was, the conclusion to the Jones-Hughes interview was equally bizarre as Kim refers to Hughes as "Phil Phil." Yikes.

Kennedy's audio is a bit choppy due to a poor cell phone connection, but he does offer a glimpse into the Yankees locker room, particularly some playful jabs at lockermate Mike Mussina. Kennedy reveals himself to be a deeply religious individual and offered a candid [and encouraging] look at Andy Pettitte as the human-being.

Hughes Audio:

Kennedy Audio:

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