Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kitty Hates Regular Season Games in Japan

Jim Kaat is not happy Major League Baseball is more concerned with revenue streams in the Far East than promoting the game here at home:

Aren’t we in an economic rundown in this country? I don’t know if or when we’ll get out of it. Will we be safe or tagged out? Don’t we want to promote jobs for our citizens? Not China’s or Japan’s? If Japanese and Chinese citizens learn to play the game skillfully enough to play in the Major Leagues, good for them, but let’s not neglect promoting “our” game in “our” country. I don’t mean neighborhood programs. I mean taking the players to the where our kids are. Maybe Shreveport, La., or one of many of our smaller cities that have potential big leaguers hoping to see their heroes up close. Not China or Japan on Opening Day.

Opening Day was a red-letter day on our calendar. Opening Day held many significances—a father/son bonding experience; it meant that spring was here; the fresh air and green grass.

I met a friend for breakfast this morning. He said “Did you watch the Red Sox and A’s this morning?” I said, “Wasn’t aware they were playing. I wouldn’t have watched it anyway.” Out of respect for the game and my Dad. It was a sunny morning, but when I walked out to the street, a sudden rain shower poured down on me. I looked up. I think it was John Kaat looking down and in the words of Eric Clapton “drowning in a river of tears”.

What are they doing to America’s game?

Tell us how you really feel Kitty. Guess he's just tossing some good old country hardball at Bud Selig and company.

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