Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr. Mussina Gets "Onioned"

Mike Mussina is "convinced he won a World Series," or at least that's what the hit-or-miss Onion "news" outlet is reporting.
Mike Mussina seemed to believe that he has procured a World Series ring despite all evidence to the contrary."Sure I did, I helped put away the Mets back in 2000," said Mussina, who did not join the Yankees until the 2001 season. "Boy, was that a great team.Paulie [O'Neill], Tino [Martinez], [Scott] Bro[sius], and me... Ya know, I think Doc Gooden was on that team too.
Poor Mussina probably does spend some October nights dreaming he had come to the Yankees a year [and a championship season] earlier.

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