Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nats Send Down Clippard

Better late than never comes the report that former Yankee farmhand and myspace frequenter Tyler Clippard has been sent down by the Washington Nationals. I've always been a T-Clip fanatic of sorts and was sad to see his downward spiral last year from Mets killer to AA punching bag.
He pitched well in his last outing, but former Yankees prospect Tyler Clippard was optioned out of big league camp by the Nationals on Monday. Clippard pitched three times for the Nationals and had a 3.38 ERA through eight innings. Most of his numbers were impressive, but he did have five walks and one hit batter.
The positive side of being traded from the most prestigious team in professional sports to a tomato can like Washington is the dearth of starting pitching in the latter's system. This means Clippard, who would have been behind countless power-pitching prospects in the Yankees minor leagues is now near the head of the line within Washington's.

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