Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sox Scout Caught With His Pants Down, Literally

This is some sick s***, even for a Red Sox.

A Boston Red Sox scout was arrested, accused of masturbating at the window of his hotel room in front of two women and two underage girls at the swimming pool, records show.

Jesse Levis, 39, faces two felony charges for committing lewd and lascivious acts in front of children under the age of 16.

Two more charges are expected because of the two older women. Port St. Lucie police and U.S. Marshals arrested him at a Fairfield Suites in Melbourne Monday evening, a day after the manager at Port St. Lucie’s Springhill Suites called police and kicked him out of his hotel.

According to an arrest report, the two girls, age 13 and 14, told police they had been swimming at the pool around 7 p.m. Sunday with their father when they saw Levis standing naked and masturbating at the window of his second-floor hotel room, which overlooks the pool.

Two older women, ages 20 and 29, also saw Levis, thinking at first he was just “checking them out,” the report said. Levis had been at the window about 40 minutes, the witnesses told police.

That's got to be pretty embarrassing for Boston. Considering today's news of four Sox fans hospitalizing a lone Yankees fan [and Boston resident], suffice to say this is not a good day for Red Sox Nation, huh Mr. Henry.


Alex said...

Oh no! Sox fans hurt a Yankees fan? H DEAR NO SAY IT AINT SO! There was like two Red Sox fans who were murdered last 4 years by Yankees fans. And of course nothing else for to post about Yankees but good old bashing of an un important member of the Red Sox. I would have understand if it was a player though.

Anonymous said...

The Peeping Tom aspect is not much different from the kind of behavior Bouton described in Ball Four. Bouton doesn't mention any Yanks masturbating, but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that went on as well. Not that there isn't anything wrong with that.