Friday, April 18, 2008

Ed Wade: Worst GM Ever?

Ed Wade not only had the gall to acquire PED suspect Miguel Tejada a day before his name was inked within the damning pages of the Mitchell Report. According to multiple reports, Wade has now just learned Tejada is two years older than when the GM originally traded for him this offseason.
The Houston Astros shortstop told the Oakland Athletics when he was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 1993 that he was 17. But he was actually 19, meaning he is now 33, two years older than his listed age in the Astros' media guide and other baseball records.
Kind of like the time Texas traded Alex Rodriguez for Alfonso Soriano only to find he was 28 years old, two years older than his listed birthdate. Then again, Soriano wasn't a juicer and was still five years younger than Tejada was when Wade brilliantly pulled the trigger. Genius.

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