Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alan Horne Update:

This does not sound good, though Horne said it was "not a Tommy John type" injury:
Basically, even he's not sure what's going on but he's getting an MRI tomorrow morning. On the pitch before the injury he threw a slider and felt something in his arm, but didn't think much of it.

"I just thought it was one of those weird quips," he said.

The final pitch was a fastball, and his arm knotted up so badly, "it pulled my whole side down." The tightness ran up and down his arm and even his fingers were tingling. He went to the trainer's room where he said his arm loosened and by the end of the night it was kind of pulsating, getting tight and then getting loose. He said that the trainer and team doctor told him that the tendons seem to be intact, but they won't know much for sure until tomorrow's tests.

I'm no James Andrews, but I'm gonna assume a pulsating arm cannot be good for a pitcher.

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