Thursday, April 3, 2008

If You Missed It On HBO

Lenny's Still Hittin'. In case you missed his appearance on Real Sports, the article takes readers a bit further into Lenny Dykstra's newfound talent and fortune, as "Nails" is now hammering out investment deals instead of stolen bases.

Dykstra says he monitors 30 stocks, then narrows it down to three based on the stock being close to the bottom, the company being good and the number of shares involved. He attributes his stock success, meanwhile, to two things - work ethic and self-control.

"Discipline," he says. "Play by the rules."

In Dykstra's mind, "growing up" is the difference between what he was as a player and what he is now. But in reality, he's still a combination of youth and adult. He has a kid's grin, which he flashed when he was injesting multiple fries at a time.

But he also wore a suit, had Elton John's "Your Song" as one of his cell phone ring-tones and said, "I'm always an entrepreneur." He was constantly on his MacBook laptop computer during his Post sit-downs, and he revealed that the laptop is one of 10 - yep, 10 - computers that he owns.

He also has four cell phones.

The Dykstra interview on HBO Sports revealed three things: the former pesky ballplayer is now an entrepreneur; he definitely did steroids and lied about it to HBO; and he is unusually frail, despondent and unable to speak clearly for a 45 year-old. Gordon Gecko he is not.

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