Monday, April 7, 2008

Justice: Cash, Pettitte Finished

An uncharacteristic column from Richard Justice of the Sporting News made its way to my inbox today. In it, Justice proves to know little or nothing about the current state of the New York Yankees fanbase and also makes kneejerk reactions to the possibility of Andy Pettitte and/or Brian Cashman leaving New York next season.

We appear to be seeing the beginning of the end of Andy Pettitte's marvelous career, and if you care about the New York Yankees, this may be more bad news than you can digest in one sitting.

In a related move, Brian Cashman likely will end up leaving, too. By, say, this time next year, the Yankees as you once knew them will no longer exist.

The Yankees will go back to the future, back to a time when they ran chaotically, spent wildly and never won a thing.

Right now, you're thinking change is a good thing. You're thinking it was a good idea for Joe Torre to hit the road. You're probably thinking the same about Brian Cashman, since he got cold feet when it came time to pull the trigger during the Johan Santana trade discussions.

You're tired of hearing about the long-term interests of the franchise. You want now.

Right . . . This is the epitome of shock journalism - writing controversial opinion, without much evidence, in the hopes of surprising readers into buying newspapers. I do not disagree Cashman and Pettitte could be spending their final season in the Bronx. However, contending the Yankees organization will instantly become a wasteland and Pettitte is finished after one start is absurd and uninformed drivel.

Justice goes on to speculate Pettitte was "hit hard and often" on Saturday. While Jonny Gomes did hit a linedrive homer which landed about 5 inches over the leftfield fence, Pettitte was not hit nearly as hard as Justice would have you think. Maybe he did not even watch the game, though that would probably interfere with his apocalyptic premise.

This is particularly disappointing because Justice had previously been a very reliable source of baseball information.

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