Monday, April 14, 2008

Kennedy OK After Scare

Ian Kennedy left the game in the seventh inning after a Jason Bartlett line drive struck him on the hip.

The fact that Kennedy and trainer Gene Monahan were laughing their way off the mound was encouraging. However, nothing was confirmed until nearly midnight Monday night when multiple outlets explained Kennedy was fine and will most likely only come away with a bruise and an anecdote.

In all likelihood, the most painful residue from Monday night's Yankees victory comes when Kennedy reads tomorrow's box score only to find Brian Bruney as the winning pitcher of record.

From The Star Ledger:
Joe Girardi seemed confident that Kennedy wouldn't miss a start.

But Kennedy was a bit more cautious. He said it felt like someone had given him a "dead leg" -- you know, like when your older sibling punches you in the arm or leg joint and your limb goes numb. He lifted up his shirt to show us the red mark from the seam of the baseball where it hit him.

"It kind of sent a little shock toward my calf," Kennedy said. "It's fine. A little sensitive."

He said he'd wait to see how he feels tomorrow.

Included in the same blog post came news of Robinson Cano's new slumpbuster: "napping on the bench." In the innings before being beckoned by manager Joe Girardi to pinch-hit for Alberto Gonzales, Cano was sleeping in the dugout. I know the kid is nonchalant, but this is ridiculous.

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