Friday, April 4, 2008

Melancon Not Hurt

There had been some clamoring yesterday over Mark Melancon and his health. The powerful righthanded reliever was said to have entered Thursday's Tampa Yankees game but was removed before throwing a pitch. Many had worried Melancon had been injured in some way, but it was apparently human error as manager Luis Sojo forgot to add him to the Tampa Roster:
Mark Melancon is not hurt. He didn’t enter the game after throwing warmup pitches (that I took video of and analyzed like the Zapruder film), because T-Yanks Manager Luis Sojo forgot to put him on the roster. Just a simple brain fart. Don’t feel bad for freaking out though Yankee fans, until the game ended and this was figured out, Yankee brass in the stands were in a state of panic as well.
Dellin Betances was more than healthy in his first Charleston start, striking out eight allowing two runs on three hits over five innings.

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