Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NoMaas Gets It

NoMaas offers the same message I've been hocking since the Yankees pulled Phil Hughes off the table of any potential Johan Santana deal. To all of the sports writers and ESPN analysts who - due to a young back of their rotation - predict this is the year the Yankees miss the playoffs:

The Yankees made the playoffs in 2007 with the following assortment of fecal matter plopped into the starting rotation:

Pitcher - Games started
Matt DeSalvo - 6
Kei Igawa - 12
Chase Wright - 2
Darrell Rasner - 6
Jeff Karstens - 3
Tyler Clippard - 6 (We've got nothing but love for you, Clip.)

Replace those starters with Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and eventually (hopefully) Joba Chamberlain. We'd say the Yanks' rotation is in much better shape than last season's playoff team.

Amen my friend.

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