Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A-Rod To Disabled List

Are we into ridiculous territory yet? Alex Rodriguez has been placed on the disabled list with a grade 2 quadriceps strain - which essentially means a tear - and will be out of the lineup for at least two weeks.

The bad news keeps coming for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez has been placed on the disabled list. He has a Grade 2 quadriceps strain.

“We have to get him right,” GM Brian Cashman said.

So much for the sunny prediction before the game that Rodriguez would be out only a day or two It appears at first glance that the Yankees made a mistake in bringing him back as quickly as they did.

How does the Yankees training staff allow the most dominant regular player on their roster not only back into the lineup but also play the field if he is obviously still healing from an injury? Maybe Hank Steinbrenner should focus his energies on that question instead of putting on his pitching-guru cap.

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