Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sour Grapes From Toronto Columnist

Richard Griffin, a biased frustrated reporter from the Toronto Star voiced his displeasure over the appeal situation which allowed Melky Cabrera to play and star in last night's game. I find it hard to believe the Blue Jays players and coaching staff were in the locker room throwing up their arms before the game, incensed that a juggernaut such as the Melk Man would be permitted to play through his suspension:

Cabrera’s suspension stemmed from a fighting incident on March 12 vs. the Rays at spring training. That’s 21 days ago. Appeals are heard in the offices of Major League Baseball in New York. We are in New York. The hearing on the appeal should have been held Monday, or at least yesterday morning. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, the way major league rules work, Cabrera had the right to appeal and, thus, was allowed to play in the opener. He will probably wait for this weekend against the Rays or when the Yanks travel to Kansas City and drop the appeal, immediately serving his three days against an inferior opponent. Baseball justice?

Had it been Alex Rodriguez shirking a suspension for sucker punching an ump or Derek Jeter skipping a penalty stemming from a corked bat incident, then it would be believable. As it stands, the writer sounds like he's chomping down on some serious sour grapes.

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Anonymous said...

what a disgrace, u think he was drinking Molson + wearing his jays cap when he wrote this??