Friday, May 9, 2008

Boomer A Bomber Again?
Fat Chance

Get it? Fat chance. You know because David Wells is, well, overweight.

Anyhow, Wells told the Daily News he would love to make a return to the Yankees, even though there is zero interest on the other side of the table.

However, leave it to the NY tabloids to take a Hank Steinbrenner quote lauding the exceptional starting rotation during the Yankees championship run and turn it into a jab at the current team.

The writer even intimates Hank "thinking" about Wells and adding such complimentary words regarding free agent pitchers like El Duque, Dave Cone and Wells must mean Hank will demand Brian Cashman signs the hefty lefty. Right....

The free-agent left-hander told The Post yesterday he has been working out near his home in San Diego and believes he could bolster a Yankees’ rotation suddenly besieged by question marks.

The Baby Boss then dropped a subtle hint he’s growing disillusioned with the Yankees’ youth movement and could open the door to Wells.

“What sticks out in my mind, that team in the late ‘90s, the starting pitching,” he said. “You had [David] Cone, El Duque [Orlando Hernandez], Wells . . . they were all big-game pitchers. They all came from elsewhere - not in the system.

“Everybody talks about the great players from the farm system that we had in the ‘90s, but it was the starting rotation. That was a huge part of the success. Huge.”


Anonymous said...

Great read on that article. I completely agree with you on this one. I think this is more Hank saying "I wish I had Santana."

Bronx Liaison said...

Thanks and I agree. At some point Hank has to let this go and he also needs to understand that trying to gauge the Santana type of deal [keeping phenoms over proven vets] is a situation in which patience must be exercised. Complaining after a month solves nothing.