Thursday, May 22, 2008

Braves Fan Falls To Death

This is the second such incident in which a MLB fan has fallen to his death while leaving a stadium's confines. Unlike the first tragic event which took place at Shea Stadium, this latest tragedy involves a potential overuse of alcohol as a cause. An eerie coincidence that both instances came during a Mets game:

Justin Hayes of Cumming, Ga., suffered head injuries Wednesday night and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. He fell about 150 feet from the club level to the landing on the field level during the eighth inning.

The investigation is "pointing toward drinking. Alcohol was a factor," said Atlanta police department spokesman Ronald Campbell on Thursday.

Campbell said Hayes may have been sliding down the handrails when he fell.

There has to be some way to require these immense stairwells be covered with plexiglass and the like to ensure no one can fall.

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