Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Horne Update: 5/13

Alan Horne, who is working his way back from a biceps strain, has been keeping Yankees fans up to date on his rehab via his father who posts on several message boards.

This one comes from NYYFans:
Just got through talking with Alan after he completed his workout for today. He threw to live hitters and said that again everything went very well. He didn't feel like anybody was really squaring up on the ball all day. He said his location was good, he was able to stay down in the zone all day, and continues to have both good run and sink late movement on his FB's. He also said his curve and slider were both sharp today and that his change-up was good. Again, he was real pleased with how his arm feels while throwing and after his workout as well. He said he really feels ready to go, just waiting on the green light....He'll work again to live hitters either Thursday or Friday and go in a game down there next Monday. Continuing to look for good things ahead.
Suffice to say a healthy Horne would be getting a steady aroma of the big leagues considering how close he is to competing at the highest level.

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