Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Newsflash, Joba To Become Starter
Girardi: "The Process Has Started"

By July 1, a Nebraskan fireballer will be starting games every fifth day for the Yankees. As this blog and several other Yankee sites had been confidently asserting since spring training, Joba Chamberlain is to become a starting pitcher in 2008.

Now it's official as Joe Girardi told Kim Jones after the game, "The process has started."

It was pretty evident that the process had begun once Chamberlain threw four or five changeups in the two innings he pitched during an 8-0 blowout victory Wednesday night.

As soon as I saw the 80 mph radar readings and the solid fading downward movement of his change I knew Joba to the Rotation had begun. The only guy on the YES telecast not observant enough to recognize it was Michael Kay as John Flaherty and Singleton read the handwriting on the wall.

Mark Melancon
and JB Cox and Dan McCutchen and Dave Robertson just got a whole lot closer to the majors - even though they currently remain at their respective AA and AAA levels.

It will be extremely entertaining to hear the NY radio talk circuit munch on this for hour after hour. It will be just as fun to see how clueless some of these personalities are regarding the minor league prospects moving towards the back of the bullpen.

Just a bit of advice. If any writer, radio host or ESPN analyst states names like Farnsworth or Hawkins as Joba's longterm replacement as the setup man feel free to disregard them as having any knowledge about baseball for the remainder of your sports-watching life.


logan69 said...

Do you mean the idiots, morons & a-holes in residence Mike & Mad-Dog. Remember, Mad-Dog has officially given his blessing to the Yankees when he said on May 19th, "They were done". Francesca will be all over this telling everyone that will listen to them that the Yankees are idiots for attempting this because he knows all things Yankee and he is the smartest man he knows.
He is probably upset because he wanted to work for the Yankees and they told to blow smoke up his butt.

Bronx Liaison said...

haha those would be solid representatives for what im talking about

logan69 said...

With all of the crap going about the Mets, these two idiots are concentrating on Joba. SHOCKING!!!!!!!

Bronx Liaison said...

It's pretty laughable when you think about it.

Francesa thinks because Joba reminds him of Gossage that he should remain in the bullpen. Well Joba reminds me of Beckett and Verlander.

If those two guys pitched an inning each game how good do you think they would be? Unhittable, just like Joba. Now if he can become a true #1 starter where do I go for the Mike & MadDog retraction?

Oh yeah, it will never come.