Friday, May 2, 2008

Posada Could Be Out 5-6 Weeks,
Hughes Gets Some Specs

Including rehab work, Jorge Posada will most likely be out of the Yankees lineup for five or six weeks due to rotator cuff tendinitis.

According to Pete Abraham, all three doctors Posada visited came to the same diagnosis with rest and rehabilitation as the proper approach. However, offseason surgery remains a possibility.
Posada will go another 10 days without throwing or swinging then start a two-week rehab period. After that, they’ll determine where he is. He will need minor-league rehab games. We’re looking at early June assuming there no setbacks. Given what happened last time, they will be cautious. I would guess maybe June 10.
In the same blogpost comes news that Phil Hughes is in need of some optical assistance. Impossible not to think of Rick Vaughn squinting to see a framed photo of Nolan Ryan in Manager Lou Brown's office.
Phil Hughes learned today that he is nearsighted and he is being fitted for glasses. So that explains some stuff as well. He thinks the cracked rib is related to a mechanical flaw, which also explains some stuff.
Dependent on whether or not Hughes needs some coke bottles, Willie Mays Hayes might tell him seeing isn't that important.

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Mike said...

Thats what they told me in July, Rotator cuff tendinitis. Ended up having surgery in October. It really sucks too. I'm far from a pro athlete and certainly in not as good of shape as Posada, but 6 months after surgery, I'm just starting to be able to throw a little.