Friday, May 2, 2008

Stark Mortifies Barry Zito

Jayson Stark reached out to "high ranking officials" from two ballclubs to get their opinions and exit strategies regarding the now-infamous Barry Zito predicament. The response was unflinchingly real and rather ugly to be honest:

“Here’s what they should do,” he said. “They should go to Zito and say, ‘Look, it’s clear this is not going to work. Let’s put together an NBA-type deferral package. We’ll take the whole contract, defer it over 30 years with no interest and then we’ll release you, to let you start fresh somewhere else.’

“The club could get significant cost savings that way. You take $112 million over 30 years, that’s $3.7 million a year. You’re better off paying him $3.7 million a year to not pitch than having him go out and do what he’s doing. … In the NBA, this happens a lot. The union would never let him do that in our sport. But you know what? From the player’s standpoint, he’d be better off.”
The first and last time I will ever feel bad for someone making $126 million.

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