Monday, June 16, 2008

BL's Sabathia Trade Proposal

As the Yankees universe waits with baited breath to hear how long Chien Ming Wang will be out due to yesterday's foot injury, the trade rumors have begun to circulate with frenetic pace. In the offseason the Yankees passed on a Johan Santana trade because they felt the asking price [players & money combined] was far too steep.

Should Wang be out for an extended period of time or for the season, the need for an ace-type pitcher becomes a necessity and not a luxury for the Yankees. The fact that a Sabathia deal would not demand as much talent as a Santana trade is also interesting.

However, any trade for CC Sabathia must give the Indians more value than they perceive they could possibly acquire in the form of two compensation picks in next year's draft. Essentially, a trading partner looking to pick up Saba must put together a package with equal talent to a couple of first rounders.

Here's my first proposal though I preface by admitting some other players [mentioned later] would also be feasible additions during further negotiations:
Cleveland gets: Jose Tabata; Ian Kennedy; Alan Horne and JB Cox [or Dan McCutchen and Ross Ohlendorf]

New York gets: Carsten Charles.
The Indians would be buying low on Kennedy/Horne who are both working their way back from injuries. But, they would also be getting two young starters who totally dominated last season and are at or on the verge of staying at the big league level.

In Tabata, the Indians will be getting the high ceiling corner outfielder they desire. The Yankees are - like Kennedy - selling a top prospect at a bargain price. The upside on Tabata is still tremendous, and Cleveland scouts know this.

Finally, to offer a little bit of flexibility, the Indians can choose from a high level prospect close to the majors [Horne and Cox] or a more serviceable, versatile starter [McCutchen]
as well as a power pitching reliever already with big league experience [Ohlendorf]. Scott Patterson could also be substituted in any deal as a viable reliever on the brink of the bigs.

The Untouchables:
The following players in my mind would be completely untouchable in a Saba deal -
Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Mark Melancon, Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero, Andrew Brackman.

Tough Sells:
These players should be available to deal, though it may be difficult for the fanbase to accept -
Dellin Betances, Zach McAllister, Dave Robertson, Brett Gardner, Humberto Sanchez.


Brian Cashman Jr. said...

dude no way in hell i would give up that package for CC. i dont want CC. i would rather miss the playoffs than give up those guys and trade for him and then be handcuffed by his fat ass for 7 years

Bronx Liaison said...

Thanks for the comment, but nobody said anything about a seven year contract extension.

Though I can't predict whether the Yankees will/would sign Sabathia after this season, we all know they would have made some sort of offer to him as a free agent.

The Wang injury ups the sense of urgency and if he can be had for a manageable package [I have no problems parting with Kennedy/Horne though I feel they have great potential], that seems reasonable for both sides. This is not Phil Hughes [or Kennedy AND Wang] which is what Minnesota wanted.

And this "fat ass" won a Cy Young, never gets hurt and is more athletic than most people assume. If the deal doesn't make sense or if Cleveland gets greedy, the Yankees will walk. If Sabathia thinks demands a seven year GUARANTEED deal they will point to the deal the Mets gave Santana & scoff.

If it makes sense, though, it may very well happen.

Quidam said...

It is not worth giving up the farm.....or a significant portion thereof...simply for a rent-a-player. A deal should be considered ONLY if a new contract with CC is part of the package.

Bronx Liaison said...

I think that goes without saying quidam. But that deal will not include seven guaranteed years.

brian cashman jr. said...

hey thanks for responding that was my first time ever commenting on a blog. i just recently started reading yours daily

Bronx Liaison said...

No problem. Thanks for reading and I will look for your thoughts in the future.