Monday, June 16, 2008

Hank Takes On The NL

Hank Steinbrenner holds the National League responsible for the devastating injury suffered by Chien Ming Wang when running the bases in Houston on Sunday.
"My only message is simple: The National League needs to join the 21st century," Steinbrenner said. "They need to grow up and join the 21st century. I've got my pitchers running the bases, and one of them gets hurt. He's going to be out. I don't like that, and it's about time they address it. That was a rule from the 1800s."
Not to be picky, but the designated hitter rule was not instituted until 1973. Hey, what's three quarters of a century between friends. Most American League fans may agree with Steinbrenner's logic, as self-centered as it may currently seem. NL fans will preach "baseball purism" with equal vigor, and nothing will change.

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