Friday, June 27, 2008

Here's To You Mr. Robertson Or...
It Can't Be Long Now

Dave Robertson just keeps getting nastier. Struck out the side Thursday night.

This year he's split time at AA and AAA, piling up 74 strikeouts over 51.2 innings-pitched.

Everyone within the Yankees organization realized the only thing holding back Robertson was his high walk rates. Enter the month of June. Over his last 10 appearances [beginning on June 3], Robertson has posted a 27-to-5 strikeout to walk ratio over 17 innings. Oh, by the way, he has a 1.06 ERA and only 7 hits allowed during that time.

When people talk about Nintendo numbers to describe a pitcher's statistics, just look at Dave Roberton's career minor league numbers. Just to keep you posted, that now makes it 136 career minor league innings without allowing a home run. As the former Alabama closer continues to shrink his bb/9 rate, the only question remaining is when?... as in when will he get the call?

At this point, is there anyone on Earth who would rather have LaTroy Hawkins pitching instead of Robertson? Well, besides Red Sox fans. Seriously, what a waste of a roster spot.

Meanwhile, JB Cox is back with the team and back to dominating late AAA innings.

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