Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horne Leaves Start With(out) Injury?

UPDATE 7:45 - Jennings has the news on Horne. Apparently he is suffering from sort of peculiar dead arm period:

Alan Horne is not injured, but he's not perfectly fine either. For whatever reason, he said his arm had no energy when he went to the mound this afternoon.

“It was almost like I couldn’t get the ball there," he said. "It didn’t matter what I tried to do. I’d try to add something to it and it seemed like the harder I tried to throw it, the less effective it would be. My breaking stuff was just as slow and loopy as I think I’ve ever thrown it, and I can’t tell you why. Physically I’m fine. They came out there and checked me out and I said, ‘Nothing hurts. I just feel dead. My arm especially. It’s like I have no life, no drive through anything.’ ”

Horne said he's hoping his arm is simply going through a slight dead period after the extensive rehab work he did in Tampa. He's planning to throw on the side tomorrow and prepare for his next regularly scheduled start. As for shaking his arm throughout the start, Horne said it had nothing to do with aches and pains.
Horne said that he did strength tests after the game and was told his shoulder was strong and healthy. You hear people talk about a "dead arm," and maybe that's what Horne's going through right now. It's weird to say the least.
This is neither horrible or encouraging news. Just strange. I would have to assume the Yankees doctors will do further testing to discover what the cause could be for such a condition.

After just two thirds of an inning, Alan Horne exited today's start for AAA Scranton with what appears to be another arm malady. Horne had thrown 30+ pitches during that time and walked three batters.

From Chad Jennings:
He was constantly shaking his right arm in between pitches.
After walking the first two batters, then getting back-to-back outs, Horne walked the bases loaded, leading pitching coach Rafael Chaves to go to the mound to check on him. Horne promptly went down in the count 3-1 before allowing a single to left field. After the base hit, the Yankees manager, pitching coach and trainer went to the mound and Horne walked away after a brief discussion.
The barrage of injuries to Yankees pitching is becoming obscene at this point. Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Betances, Garcia, Whelan and now Horne - [not to mention minor injuries to Cox and Heredia]

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