Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hughes Injury "Update"

Missed it last week, but maybe some of you guys did as well:

According to a NY Daily News report on May 29th, Phil Hughes underwent a bone scan recently which revealed a "hot spot" in his injured rib. The lack of progress meant he would have to hold off on throwing until the results of his next bone scan [this week] are revealed. Once Hughes is actually given the OK to again pick up a baseball, it will likely take about a month before he can rejoin the big club.


Ted said...

What is a conservative ETA for him being back on the Yanks?

Bronx Liaison said...

Assuming he gets back a good bone scan this week you can tentatively add a month and assume that date is when he rejoins New York.

That said, I haven't yet heard anything about his latest scan so the fractured rip may have not healed completely just yet.

Bronx Liaison said...