Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Cy Young In Mo's Future?

Mariano Rivera is turning back the clock in 2008. He hasn't just been good or very good. He's been unbelievable, even by Rivera standards. The 38 year-old's season is even more jaw-dropping when you isolate his performances during save situations...and oh yeah, remember that he's 38 years old.

With no particular AL starting pitcher yet emerging as a no-brain selection for the Cy Young, this may be the season Rivera picks up the elusive hardware. Actually, Cliff Lee may have something to say about that.

From Ed Price:

Not only has Rivera converted his first 20 save chances, making him the third pitcher to do so since 2000, but he has not allowed a run in any of those games. He is just the third pitcher since the save was instituted in 1969 to complete his first 20 save opportunities without allowing a run, joining Detroit's John Hiller in 1973 and Boston's Jonathan Papelbon in 2006.

When the Yankees have a slim lead, he is nearly untouchable. Rivera has retired 25 of the last 26 batters he has faced when protecting a one-run lead -- 0-for-25 with one walk and 15 strikeouts. The only hit he has allowed all year with the Yankees up a run came April 3, to Toronto's Vernon Wells.

That last bit is the definition of automatic. Here's the pitching line thus far for Rivera: 34 innings, 15 hits, 39 strikeouts, 3 walks, 0.79 ERA and 0.53 WHIP. At some point The Sandman will decline - just not this year.


Tripp said...

The fact that Rivera didn't win the Cy Young in 2005 is a JOKE. He came in second to that fat slob Colon. He should have been a lock for it that season..

Anonymous said...

That is a fact