Monday, June 9, 2008

Joel Sherman Is Funny

Had Joel Sherman's latest trade fodder post passed along to me and immediately laughed myself into near catatonia inspecting his ridiculous trade proposals for the Yankees.

Sherman prefaces his article by citing Oakland GM Billy Beane who suggests no trade is fair unless both sides feel some pain. Unfortunately, Sherman's following trade proposals essentially have the Yankees receiving a back alley lobotomy in exchange for Marisa Miller and a ticket to Ibiza.

To review, Sherman has the Yankees picking up Damaso Marte for Alan Horne and Ross Ohlendorf. Hmm. Let's trade the Yankees top starting pitching prospect and a solid late inning reliever [both in their early or mid-20's] for a 33 year-old one inning reliever who throws about 50 innings per season. That seems feasible.

Melky Cabrera, Austin Romine and Ian Kennedy for Huston Street. Can this post be a joke or something? Looks like Sherman is trying out for The Onion. Street can be a lights out reliever, but he is extremely injury prone and probably a week away from his latest visit to the disabled list. Sherman would make for an Isiah Thomas like general manger as this is about as low as you could sell regarding Kennedy.

#3: Hideki Matsui, Jose Tabata and Alberto Gonzalez for Jonathan Sanchez and RANDY WINN. Wow. Gets worse, huh. That's the Yankees current top contact hitter [Matsui], top position prospect [Tabata] and top utility man [A-Gon] for an unproven starter and an absolute bust of an outfielder.

#4: JB Cox and Edwar Ramirez for Ty Wigginton. Ok, Sherman realizes A-Rod and Cano will man third base and second base respectively for the next decade or so. There goes any position for Wigginton to play, as amazing as his 3 homeruns, 9 RBI this season and career OBP of .329 appear.

Did Sherman really think he could get away with this?


raven said...

I wouldn't mind trade Cano for Chase Utley.

Anonymous said...

You left out the three team trade.

Bronx Liaison said...

Your right Anon.

I didn't think anyone would believe it if I included that 3 team deal. Maybe it's just me who thinks Sherman should have his head checked after this type of article.