Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reynolds No Like Joba Starting

Harold Reynolds - of Seattle Mariners and ESPN harassment fame - has his own blog now and what better way to drive traffic there than a post on why Joba Chamberlain needs to stay in the bullpen.

If you've ever visited BL before, you realize where I stand on the Chamberlain debate. Let's just say I believe it's harder for a team to find a Jake Peavy than it is to find a Guerillmo Mota. In other words, the top-line starter is much more rare and consistent than the dominant setup man who can fall of the face of the earth after a couple superb seasons.

Here's the latest kneejerk reaction to Joba's transition into the starting five:
When I first heard the Yankees were considering moving Joba Chamberlain to the starting rotation, I didn't like it. When it became official, I liked it even less! The end of a dynasty! Some might say that would be too extreme or maybe too harsh. Okay, how about: "The Yanks won't make the playoffs this season, ending a 12-year run."

Sorry Yankee fans, I know you don't want to hear it, but unless they can find someone to close the gap from the 6th inning on, and get the ball to Mariano Rivera, the streak will end.
To be fair, I've always been a Reynolds fan and thought Baseball Tonight took a big step back in his absence. However, as much as I agree Chamberlain shortened games in the Rivera-to-Wetteland vein, you just can't waste the best arm on your team in late inning relief.

And, should Joba prove to be a better reliever than starter it's not as if he will be locked out of the bullpen, he can always return as closer once Mariano Rivera rides off into the sunset. I doubt that would be necessary, but it's nice to know you have a lights out closer in waiting should the rotation plan falter.

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