Monday, June 23, 2008

Tribe Scoping Out Baby Bombers

According to Jon Heyman, the Cleveland Indians are now scouring through the Yankees minor league system with the intent of finding a worthy package for their ace CC Sabathia:
The Indians have begun scouting the Yankees' system to see if they can find anything to interest them in case they decide to trade C.C. Sabathia. They have told teams they have to get better than the two draft choices they'd get if Sabathia left as a free agent. Sabathia, who's likely just a rental pitcher (though a great one), is believed to be interested in a "Johan Santana contract.'' Good luck there. Sabathia's a nice kid and he's lefthanded, but he should get into Johan Santana shape before anyone agrees to give him six years. The Dodgers, Red Sox, Phillies and Cubs also are believed to be interested.
Not that Sabathia is on Santana's level, but Heyman's dismissal is so strong he would have you believe the topic of conversation was Jarrod Washburn and not a 27 year-old southpaw who throws 97 mph and is coming off a Cy Young season.

Heyman seems to really enjoy lauding Santana and the Mets at times and has a little bit of Lupica in him regarding the Yankees. Nothing wrong with that, but the grand slam Felix Hernandez [yes, the pitcher] hit off Santana tonight might make him pipe down a bit on that front.

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