Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bonds Isn't Limited to Just Juice

So Barry Bonds doesn't want to just be big & strong, he also wants speed. No, literally, he tested positive for amphetamines. Damn Barry, you had us all with the anabolic variety and now you come back with the crystal-meth treatment? This guy is a cartoon character.

And just to place an asterisk next to the kind of stand-up guy he is, Bonds immediately threw one of his teammates under the bus. This time scapegoating Mark Sweeney as the culprit for Bonds unknowingly taking said supplement. He said that the positive test came from something Bonds was given out of Sweeney's locker, which Sweeney of course then categorically denied. These guys can't wait to usher in 2008 and usher out Senor Barr-oid.


The Yankees officially announce the return of Andy Pettite. This promises to be much more of an exciting presentation than the Kei Igawa fiasco. Did anyone else notice that Igawa's interpreter had no noticeable gender? She spoke with a man's voice, posed with a woman's face and (to throw in a wildcard) wore a suit & tie. The Pettite press conference can be seen on YES after 1pm.

UPDATE: The DailyNews is reporting that Clemens is basically ready to come back as (one of) his agent(s) Randy Henricks says Rocket's return is "better than 50-50." If you missed the Pettite press conference today, there is a video feed at's main page. Finally, here is a Q&A session with agent Hendricks on Pettite, Clemens, etc.


The Mets are coming close to a deal with reliever Scott Schoeneweis. Understood that Snowing-Rice is a lefty, but the Metropolitans are offering nearly the same deal that they denied Chad Bradford - 3 years totalling about $10million.

Why didn't they just bring Bradford back? He had already proven he can handle New York, was an intricate part of the bullpen and is also very effective against lefties. This seems to be Omar admitting a mistake more than a GM making an upgrade.

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