Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pettite Begins Clemens Lobbying

Pettite has already begun putting out messages to Clemens & Co. When asked the obvious question as to the Rocket and if he would like to pitch with him again, Pettite did not beat around the bush as he did during the Winter meetings:

"Would that be great," Pettitte said. "Does he know that I would love that? Of course. After speaking with him, it sounds like he's probably going to want to pitch," Pettitte said. "It's amazing to me that he still wants to pitch, but he does. It's like he's 20. He's just got an unbelievable amount of energy."
Well done Andy. The first tentacles have made their way down to Houston as calls from the Captain, Mo, Jorge, may soon follow. Will Torre and the Yankees allow Clemens to come and go as he pleases. Dropping in to make his starts and then disappearing for a few days at a time? I find that hard to believe, but maybe another stint of 3 months instead of 6 months would be the most effective.

Also, Scott Proctor has been told to prepare for spring training as a reliever. As he should be. Does this foreshadow a Clemens arrival in the works? Probably just means Cashman thought it was time to tell Scott that he is becoming a strong late-inning reliever who can not be wasted as an experimental starting pitcher. Especially since Proctor has not been part of a rotation since being in the Dodgers' organization.


Micah Picasso said...

I think Clemens goes to NY, Pettitte is here so why not? He got more love in his 5 seasons in NY then his 13 seasons in Boston and he knows that. So I doubt he ends up there. I think he'll be in pinstripes sometime in late May or early June.

And imagine if proctor stays in the bullpen with another good reliever that they just got from Ari to help out Rivera? Also dotn forget about Bruney he was really good as well. Seems like that bridge to Rivera is getting a little more solid and almost comple.

yankeesZrider said...

Yes, right now the inside track on Clemens should go to the Yankees Micah.

But remember, his son Koby was drafted by the Astros organization, and sources have said he would love to play with his son.

Not in the majors of course bc Koby is years away from even consideration, but Roger loves McLane, the Houston owner, and surely owes him for drafting his son.

Although he will probably come back and the addition of Pettite certainly helps the Yanks in getting Roger, what I'm saying is that there are many issues that are incorporated with Rocket's decision.