Thursday, January 25, 2007

Drew Deal NEARLY Finalized

For the 100th time since the Winter Meetings closed, the RedSox believe they are close to finalizing a contract for the 31 year-old rightfielder. Boston has therefore generated 100 variations on the definition of "close." Once Drew is holding up a jersey at Fenway, I'll believe he's finalized a deal.

Some seven weeks after coming to terms on a contract with free-agent outfielder J.D. Drew, the Red Sox finally appear to be on the verge of formalizing that five-year pact. According to both The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, the Red Sox will likely announce at some point on Friday that Drew is officially a member of the team.

Phrases like "on the verge" should be eliminated from Scott Boras' vocabulary. The hold-up on the Drew deal is due to contract language as Boston is doing everything to protect themselves should "Nancy" tear another muscle. A seven-week hiatus between "finalized" deals sure breeds confidence for their alleged new rightfielder.

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