Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yankees Setting Up Shop in China

The Yankees are hoping to reach an agreement with the China Baseball Association:

This could lead to the Yankees dispatching coaches and trainers to work with players in China, and perhaps, in years to come, beginning a baseball academy.

The Yankees have been in negotiations for seven months on this deal. [The] goal is to get their brand into the world's most populated nation, and put themselves in position, down the road, to scout talent,

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays were the first teams to firmly establish themselves in the Dominican Republic, and benefited greatly. Nothing prevents other Major League Baseball teams from attempting to reach the same strategic alliance that the Yankees hope to soon formalize.
Maybe the Yankee discovery of Chien-Ming Wang has Randy Levine & Company going a bit overboard. But hey, with a population approaching 1.5 billion people, there's got to be some good middle-relievers in there, somewhere.

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