Friday, January 5, 2007

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I had planned to post late last night or this afternoon on the Randy Johnson deal, but the internet decided to change my plans. After finally reattaining the lifeblood of every blog enthusiast (internet connection) I had to run straight from work to meet with my girlfriend.

Today, is my birthday so we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and she knows me well enough to give me a Yankee ticket package as a gift. Is this the girl of my dreams or what? Totally caught me by surprise and definitely has me even more pumped for the '07 season.

Peter Abraham has some good comments from Cashman on the first base signing, the Unit trade, etc. The Daily News also has an article focusing on Ohlendorf, the centerpiece of the DBack deal. I heard somewhere that Ohlendorf throws very hard. He is able to lift his fastball to 98mph when he wants to. I had no idea he had this kind of arm.

I admit that I prefer the more "artistic" starter, like a Pedro or Maddux, because of their control and professional technique. But, there is something to be said for the true power-pitcher, which is what Ohlendorf appears to be. Considering his control is reportedly effortless yet precise, his potential to combine power and impeccable control is an absolute rarity.

Tomorrow I will definitely dig deep into Steven Jackson's profile as well as SS Alberto Gonzalez. Although Sweeny Murti originally reported that Cashman had not eaten any of Johnson's remaining contract, it appears that New York did take on $2 million. This is still a steal in my mind. The more that is learned of Ohlendorf the more impressed I get. It was pretty greedy to hope for Brandon Medders, Micah Owings and Ross Ohlendorf for Randy Johnson, but Cashman deserves a hell of a lot of credit for his offseason maneuvers.

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