Friday, January 5, 2007

Hibachi !!!

As a Knicks fan it is hard to find yourself back into the NBA after years spent in competitive limbo. Therefore when I hear NBA hype I tend to shrug it off, unless of course it involves Carmelo "Sucka-Punch" Anthony or Bruce Bowen getting his ankle stepped on, cracked and sent to San Antonio - William Wallace style.

Anyway, if you have not already seen it Gilbert Arenas hit a ridiculous buzzer-beater Wednesday night against the Bucks. With about :07 remaining Arenas casually walks the ball up the court, pulls up from about 35 feet and drills the game-winner. You must remember that the score was tied at this point. With 7 seconds remaining the Wizards could have definitely set up an easier final shot, but the four other Washington players probably realized they weren't seeing the rock at all.

If you watch closely you will notice that Arenas did not even watch as the ball hit nothing but net. Talk about confidence, this guy is filthy and should draw some serious MVP talk. Following the game, when asked about the final play Gilbert was quoted as saying "My swag was phenomenal." Not sure what this means exactly, but I concur.


Eric Schultz said...

Happy birthday. It's impressive to see the Knicks becoming a a decent team, although I'm not sure how much of that is just the mediocrity of the eastern conference. They are a young team with potential though. Finally, a reason to be excited about knicks basketball.

yankeesZrider said...


You're right. The Knicks even being allowed to play in the NBA this season has EVERYTHING to do with the mediocrity of the East - and more specifically the putrid status of the Atlantic division.

After a horrid start to the year, Channing Frye has produced some stand-out performances and Curry has been consistently good all year. (He just needs to learn that defense should not be optional)

Of course David Lee has turned himself into a double-double machine and is the most compelling piece to the franchise.

Ted said... loves arenas. he's a character to say the least.