Monday, January 15, 2007

Goin (Goin) Back (Back) to Motor-City

Ok, so I used this snap of Tyra Banks solely to get your attention, but how the hell does C-Web decide to dump this girl? I know that she is a tad bit egomaniacal - as can be seen weekly on "The Soup" clips - but what was he thinking?

On a dry news day, I thought I'd throw the NBA a little love. After the 76ers recently bought out Chris Webber's contract, the former Wolverine announced today that he will be signing with the Detroit Pistons. No word yet if a Michigan Univeristy booster had any connection with the deal. Don't forget that the first choice on Webber's list, The Lakers, took their lead from Phil Jackson who basically punked Webber before rejecting him.

Not much to say here except this is a typical Detroit Piston signing. When they took Antonio Mcdeyss off of the scrap-heap he worked out very well as an off the bench paint-player. Dice of course came to Detroit following a terrible, injury-prone stint with the Knicks. Rasheed Wallace, reputed problem-child, had his moments with the Pistons, but has returned to the type of force he had been when he initially entered the league.

Not sure how they will utilize C-Web. Even more intrigued as to how he will handle substantially less playing time and total deference to Billips, Hamilton, etc. I do have confidence that Dumars did not pull the trigger on this deal simply because it is Chris Webber. Joe-D has a plan for the moves he makes, he does not simply pick up former allstar guards and throw them into Madison Square Garden's backcourt - as his former "BadBoys" teammate does.

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