Monday, January 15, 2007

Waiting for Cashman

Randy Hendricks, one of Rocket's agents has said that there is no front-runner to land the 44-year-old's services. As an agent he is supposed to drag as many teams into the muck for as long as possible, but as of right now who knows which team is dancing in Roger's growing head.

The RedSox do not intend to give up on a Clemens return either. It is unclear as to where Rocket would fit into an already packed rotation because I find it hard to believe he would want to close - it would ruin the 4 day off routine of starting which allows him his needed time off. Maybe Theo hopes to place Clemens into the starting rotation and move Papelbon back into the closer role. But that would contradict Epstein's plan for keeping Papelbon's pitching shoulder healthy through a more constant routine as well.

Following the completion of the Unit deal, this has been a pretty slow week. And the slow week will continue because Brian Cashman has been on vacation and will not be back in the following days. So the trade per week expectations will have to die down. The MLB news will focus more on deals like Lyle Overbay's 3-year $24 million extension. Also, the Cardinals have begun working on bringing playoff extraordinaire Jeff Weaver back to St. Louis.

With pitchers and catchers only 30 days away, I will instead preview the upcoming season. Previews, predictions, post-mortems, and all the other fun that comes along with the anticipation of Spring Training.

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