Sunday, January 7, 2007

Jets vs Pats

At the end of the first half the Jets trail the Patriots 17-10. Tom Brady has been his Satanic self in the first half, moving the ball consistently on the Jets defense. The Jets however, have stopped the Patriots on one 1st and goal situation and came close to another goal-line stand at the close of the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately, el Diablo was able to squeeze a strike to the back-up tight end for a touchdown.

As to be expected, the game has been dictated by coaching strategy and playcalling. For a live blog- thread detailing the game go to Deadspin.

UPDATE: Mangini's Jets played hard and continually responded to any plays the Patriots made. The middle of the fourth quarter threw the game into a tailspin. A wide-receiver screen pass was tipped, picked up by Wilfork and eventually ruled a lateral and therefore fumble recovery for New England. The score was 20-13. Pennington then drove the team down the field and again was held to a field-goal, which Nugent converted.

Again Brady answered the call and led a crushing drive which ended with another TD pass. 27-16. Down 11 points and nearly 8 minutes remaining offered dubious Jet fans with an inkling of hope ... until Asante Samuel intercepted Chad Pennington's sideline pass and took it to the house. Score: 34-16 Patriots. Following another Pats field-goal the final score would be 37-16.

Moral victories may be discussed tomorrow, but right now its time for frustration, Brady-profanity and a couple of beers. I will say that I was impressed with the Jets defense and the team's ability to stand toe-to-toe with New England - omitting of course, that nauseating fourth-quarter sequence.

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