Sunday, January 7, 2007

the Padres Penal Code & Other MLB News

The Florida Marlins and Major League Baseball appear close to finalizing a deal for a new stadium in South Florida.

The ballpark, replete with a retractable roof, would be located in a redevelopment district just miles inland from the American Airlines Arena, which is located on the banks of Biscayne Bay.
The retractable roof is the key here as the neverending rain that sweeps South Florida kills any fan base that two championship teams have generated. Unclear what this deal may mean as far as the spending toward future Marlin teams. Particularly interesting is the effect this deal may have on Dontrelle Willis' future.

Following his drunk-driving incident, will the Marlins still consider him the face of their organization (thereby guaranteeing a long-term contract) or has he justified the trade buzz that continually gets shot down by Jeffery Loria & Co.


From a few days ago... Apparently Jake Peavy's talent as a MLB starting pitcher has gone to his head. The Padres ace earned himself a trip to the slammer after he was charged for disorderly conduct at Mobile Regional Airport. Peavy, a Mobile native, exposed the detrimental side of hot-shot starting pitchers:
Peavy was headed for a goodwill tour of the Dominican Republic with other major league players when he double-parked to drop off his bags and was told by airport police to move his car.

"The airport police told him he couldn't park his car there and he said, 'Write me up a ticket and I'll pay for it,"' Towers said. "He was arrested."

Not sure if Peavy was attempting to challenge the airport officer or was kindly expressing his elitism, but my mind immediately wanders to Randy Moss telling reporters that an NFL fine would be paid with "straight cash, homey." Fines and parking tickets are like french fries and tic-tacs to these athletes, so why bother them with such trivialities. I offer as Exhibit A: Peavy was released on a $350,000 bond.


Pending a physical, the Randy Johnson deal is complete - with Unit earning himself a two-year $26million contract through 2008.

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