Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Murcer & Around the Horn

* Today after 1pm, The Yankees issued a press release stating that the brain-tumor that former Yankee OF Bobby Murcer had removed was malignant. There were no specific details as to complications, prognosis, etc. but this is certainly scary news. Hopefully, the extraction of the tumor stops any spread of the cancer, but anytime the word "malignant" is thrown around it's hard not to brace for the worst.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to the Murcer family and I would hope that you do the same. Steinbrenner's statement was heartfelt, illuminating a longtime friendship and reverence for Murcer. The news comes as a shock to those baseball fans who believed Murcer may be on the road toward a full recovery. All one can do now is hope that Murcer, who is no doubt a fighter, can overcome anything that comes his way.

* The Giants have re-acquired the services of RHP Russ Ortiz. His 26 appearances for the Diamondbacks in 2006 yielded some awful results: no wins to eight losses; 44 strikeouts to 40 walks; an 8.14 ERA in 88 innings.

His three solid seasons with the Giants of 200+ innings and sub 4.00 ERA's earned Ortiz a 4 year $33million contract, which he in turn rewarded with an athletic implosion. His last two seasons totalled less than 200innings (189) and his earned average was around 7.50. The Giants signed Ortiz to a one-year-deal for around $380,000. Welcome back to Earth, Russ.

* Following his banishment from Baltimore to Boston, and eventual failure to produce there, Javy Lopez has signed a one year contract worth $750,000 with the Rockies. The former all-star saw the writing on the wall when the Orioles signed FA Ramon Hernandez, a talented all-around catcher, to a multi-year deal.

* The aging, overlooked story of Juan Uribe's shootout continues a long losing battle of justice versus money. Still unclear exactly what occurred, but apparently Uribe shot a farmer who was standing too close to his ride. The incident took place in Uribe's native Dominican Republic and little evidence has come to light since the October shooting.

"It's a shame I'm in this situation just because I made it in baseball and got out of poverty," Uribe said.

Yes, it is a shame that you were stupid enough to shoot a man who was leaning against your Escalade. Save the pity-mining for someone who will sympathize with a millionaire athlete. Regardless of the scenario, why did Uribe even put himself in this situation?

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