Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Word from the Ohlen-dorf

Came across an interview with Ross Ohlendorf from ((Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look under "Audio")) The interview was not as engrossing as I had hoped because this is more of a "Welcome to New York" greeting. Also a story on the newly acquired RHP on
Ohlendorf did answer questions as far as joining a loaded AAA rotation at Scranton Wilkes-Barre. His friend called him when he saw the tentative deal on - apparently Ohlendorf is well-versed in blog-readership as he states that the internet was a constant when trade rumors were flying.
While at the Rookie Development Program, Ohlendorf learned he would join the Yankees and therefore sought out Humberto Sanchez (who as also attending the program) for quick conversation. As a Princeton grad, Ohlendorf also expressed the advantages of spending time in New York City as opposed to an Austin, Texas native with little East-coast experience.
On his variety of pitches:
I throw a fastball, slider, and changeup which I just started throwing the past season. The change-up has become more effective this year. . . I rely mostly on my fastball and when I throw it well it has good movement on it.
The fastball is of course a sinker which has already drawn comparisons to the hard-sink that Chien-Ming Wang boasts. Whether this comparison is premature or inaccurate remains to be seen. Though he only had one start in AAA last year Ohlendorf was not as intimidated by the jump as he had assumed he would be.
He did admit that the hitters had greater plate discipline, made more solid contact, and had the ability to make you pay for mistakes thrown over the middle-half. This is to be expected, but Ohlendorf's quiet confidence and honesty comes across throughout the interview.


The Bergen Record has an update on the Clemens watch as Cashman will continue playing the ol' wait & see game.
General manager Brian Cashman won't address the Clemens matter specifically, other than to say he has until Aug. 31 to tinker with his big-league roster.
This will be a cat-and-mouse routine for a while as Cashman awaits Clemens announcement of his 2007 plans. Then Clemens awaits Cashman's pitch for 2007. Cashman waits for Clemens to ask for $30million for a pro-rated 2007 contract. etc.
The NY Daily News has an article on Igawa's clumsy press conference - never seen a language barrier that obvious - and a few words on Unit's homecoming. Also, the DailyNews gives the standard three-line report that there is nothing new to report on Clemens.


Micah Picasso said...

I cant wait to see Ohlendorf come up, I hear he could be the next Rivera and fit right in as a future closer. He has the stuff for it.

yankeesZrider said...

I have a bunch of good information on Ohlendorf in earlier posts. Check out the entry entitled "Ohlendorf & Owings: A Closer Look" for a particularly in-depth look at the young pitcher.

I don't know if he has the ability to become a closer because he has been a starter for his entire career (including three years at Princeton), but he definitely has a lot of upside.

If his control is as good as is said to be and he can avoid becoming hittable (by never leaving the strike-zone) he may turn into something special.

He'll start at AAA Scranton next year so we'll have to see what transpires.