Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Phil Hughes vs. Jose Tabata

Came across a clip from the 2006 Futures Game. Phil-er-up Hughes pops the glove consistently at 95 mph and drops in a tight 75 mph curveball. Immediately, the ability to locate his pitches emerges - the fastball painting corners while the curve dives in and out of the strikezone. It's also refreshing to see Hughes repeat his release point and delivery with such consistency.

The most intriguing portion of the video is a showdown between the #1 and #2 prospects in the Yankee farm system. Once again, the strengths of each prospect is apparent. The movement on Phil Hughes' pitches are impressive, but the superb plate discipline of Tabata also came as advertised. Watch as he lays off the 1-2 pitch - a nasty curveball that drops off the table. You may be surprised who wins this duel of untouchables.

In the same Futures Game was Humberto Sanchez - then with the Tiger organization. He strikes out two with a heavy fastball around 93-94 mph and also has a looping 80mph curveball going. Pretty exciting stuff from the Yankees top-3 prospects.


Anonymous said...

the Humberto Sanchez video doesn't work

yankeesZrider said...


The post is from way back in January